Nanny Ruby


Nanny Ruby is a strict nanny from England who just loves to take care of adult babies.

She'll let you see the babies' room, look at you for your size and will undress you. The changing table! She will start to apply baby oil all over your body. You will smell and feel just like a baby!! You'll lift your bum and Nanny Ruby will slip a thick diaper under you. Then the plastic pants and you're now a real baby!

She will put you into a onese with a printed romper over it. She'll help her baby down and take him to the play room where she will put you into the playpen. In the mean time, she'll fix a bottle for the baby and come over and feed it too you.

After alot of playing, the baby will be tired and will need a nap in the crib.First you will be changed out of your wet diaper. While you'll sleep, Nanny Ruby will make cookies in the kitchen.

Activités privilégiés

  • Punish naugthy babies
  • Diaper change
  • Make cookies
  • Educate
  • Give a bath


On request.

Reach Nanny Ruby

You can reach Nanny Ruby by filling the Reservation Request, or by writing to her directly on email at By phone, dial 514-907-0869 extension 782 (RUB on the phone keyboard).